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A PRP treatment used specifically for men’s erectile dysfunction - or the P-Shot®, involves separating out the growth factors in your own blood, and then re-injecting your super-charged plasma back into your body. The PRP mobilizes local stem cells and growth factors, which accelerate collagen formation, tissue regeneration and the formation of new vascular networks. This results in increased blood flow to the penis and stronger, more reliable, and more frequent erections.

- Increases sensation and pleasure

- Increases ability to maintain erections, or stamina

- Increases the quality, and potentially the size, of erections

- Improves strength and intensity of orgasms

- Can potentially enhance the efficacy of other therapies like Viagra or Cialis

- Treats Peyronie’s Disease (curved penis)

In addition to the P-Shot®, we offer an amniotic, stem cell derived exosome suspension which obtains a multitude of growth factors for the tissue treated known as the “Money Shot”.


Our most effective approach to penile rejuvenation utilizing gentle and controlled heat from a non-ablative CO2 laser to help regenerate tissue, stimulate collagen production and vascularity, all while improving size and sensitivity.


The P-Lase can also potentially produce a more natural, firm, sustained erection and increases girth up to 30 percent. Combined with the P-Shot®, penile function, libido and pleasure are all increased. This procedure is ideal for men who experience erectile dysfunction.


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