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Stem Cell Derived Exosomes

What are Exosomes?

Exosomes are stem cell derived micro-vesicles that can help repair and restore the body. Exosomes 1,000+ different types of growth factors to stimulate regenertaion. There are a variety of research publications that support the use of exosomes to treat chronic joint pain, soft tissue injuries, chronic inflammation, autoimmune disorders, neurological disorders including Parkinsons and stroke, wound healing, erectile Dysfunction, Hair regeneration, Vision and hearing restoration, vaginal rejuvenation and many others. 

Our exosomes are harvested from donated placental derived tissue (placental derived exosomes are the highest quality exosomes available). We source our product from a highly reputable lab that has an excellent track record of providing quality products. 

We are capable of performing joint injections, IV infusion, Subcutaneous injections based on your need and desire.

Prices vary depending on the application and quantity. This will be determined during your consultations with Dr. Havins.

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